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16. The Cubical Temple (lines 1638-1692)

1638  Place Track "Track, outside Temple"
1639    with description
1640            "This is the end of a long track winding through desolate hills,
1641             which runs back west up to the ridge.",
1642         before
1643         [;   Listen:
1644                  if (~~hearing_good) "The chanting is too quiet to make out.";
1645                  "The endlessly repeating threnody of the monks tells of
1646                   the legend of one who will some day enlighten their order,
1647                   and so be taken up to a higher plane.  He (or she,
1648                   presumably) is known as The Four-Cubed One.";
1649         ],
1650         w_to Up_Road, u_to Up_Road;
1652  Object -> Temple "cubical Temple"
1653    with name "temple" "cubical" "cube" "enormous",
1654         before
1655         [ i j;
1656           Enter: "The Temple is featureless and unbroken.  Perhaps the top
1657                   is open, because the sound must come from somewhere...
1658                   but you wouldn't bet on it.";
1659           Cast:   switch(the_spell_was)
1660                   {   rezrov_spell:
1661                          "The huge temple remains impassive at your relatively
1662                           puny enchantment.";
1663                       frotz_spell:
1664                           objectloop (i in player)
1665                               if (i ofclass FeaturelessCube) j++;
1666                           if (j==0)
1667                               "The temple shakes, but then is still again.";
1668                           if (j<4) "The temple shakes!  White light plays
1669                               over your hands and possessions, but then all is
1670                               still again.";
1671                           print "The temple shakes and white light bathes you. 
1672                               Smoothly it unfolds itself in a four-dimensional
1673                               way your senses can barely comprehend.  All you
1674                               know is that when it is over,
1675                               you find yourself in...^";
1676                           hearing_good = false; score=score+5;
1677                           PlayerTo(Balance_Room); rtrue;
1678                   }
1679         ],
1680         describe
1681         [;   print "^You stand outside an enormous temple in the shape of a
1682                     perfect, featureless white cube, four hundred feet on a
1683                     side.  From somewhere within you hear the ";
1684              if (hearing_good) print "bellowing noise";
1685              else print "tiny sound";
1686              " of the monks chanting.";
1687         ],
1688         description
1689             "It's much like every other gigantic temple in the shape of a
1690              featureless white cube you've ever seen.  No obvious way in.",
1691    has  static;

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