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3. And now, on with the story. First, some global variables: (lines 469-540)

0469  Global prepared_flag = false;      !  Prepared for resurrection?
0470  Global hearing_good  = false;      !  Sharp hearing?
0471  Global number_filled = 0;          !  Sockets in the temple filled
0473  ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
0474  !   A "questions" verb.  Thus,
0475  !      "who is my friend helistar"
0476  !      "what was the great change"
0477  !   and so on are recognised.
0478  ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
0480  [ QuerySub;
0481    noun.description();
0482  ];
0483  [ Topic i;
0484    if (scope_stage==1) return 0;
0485    if (scope_stage==2)
0486    {   objectloop (i ofclass Question) PlaceInScope(i);
0487        rtrue;
0488    }
0489    "At the moment, even the simplest questions confuse you.";
0490  ];
0492  Class Question;
0493  Question
0494    with name "helistar" "my" "friend" "colleague",
0495         description
0496        "Helistar is your colleague, an Enchanter like you who has been much
0497         on your mind lately.  She has been investigating some very dark
0498         magic indeed, and seems not to be around any more.  You feel rather
0499         vague about the details.";
0500  Question
0501    with name "magical" "magic" "burin",
0502         description "A burin is an engraving and writing tool.";
0503  Question
0504    with name "change" "great",
0505         description
0506        "Something you had a lot to do with, but what exactly?  No, it's gone.";
0507  Question
0508    with name "cyclops",
0509         description
0510        "A one-eyed giant, usually hostile.  (Don't they teach anything at
0511         adventurer school these days?)";
0512  Question
0513    with name "grue",
0514         description
0515        "The grue is a sinister, lurking presence in the dark places of the
0516         earth. Its favorite diet is adventurers, but its insatiable appetite
0517         is tempered by its fear of light. No grue has ever been seen by the
0518         light of day, and few have survived its fearsome jaws to
0519         tell the tale.";
0520  Question
0521    with name "grimoire",
0522         description
0523        "According to Chambers English Dictionary, a grimoire is ~a magician's
0524         book for calling up spirits~.";
0525  Question
0526    with name "spells" "work",
0527         description
0528        "Your memory is still dream-hazed, but it's coming back. As a trained
0529         Enchanter, you have the ability to cast spells like ~frotz~, provided
0530         you have learned them in advance.  Some of these spells can be cast
0531         at something; others can be cast alone.
0532       ^^Spells are very complicated.  Each time you cast one, you forget it
0533         (though you can get around this by learning it several times, so as
0534         to have several uses up your sleeve).  The only way to hang on to
0535         a spell is to have it written down, on a scroll or in a spell book.
0536         Scrolls are not ideal for this, and you can only learn a spell from
0537         your spell book.  (But you can add spells to your book.)
0538       ^^[Type ~learn frotz~ and then ~frotz coin~ for an example.  You can
0539         also type ~spells~ to see what you currently have memorised.]";

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