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6. The first scene: the Hut and its (rather easy) secret (lines 678-714)

0678  Class Place
0679    has  light;
0681  Place Hut "Ramshackle Hut"
0682    with description
0683            "Until quite recently, someone lived here, you feel sure. 
0684             Now the furniture is matchwood and
0685             the windows are glassless.  Outside, it is a warm, sunny day,
0686             and grasslands extend to the low hills on the horizon.",
0687         out_to Grasslands, w_to Grasslands,
0688         cant_go "There's only the one room: better go ~out~.",
0689         name "windows" "grasslands" "grass" "hills";
0691  Object -> furniture "wooden furniture"
0692    with name "furniture" "broken" "wood" "wooden",
0693         before
0694         [;  Examine, Search, LookUnder:
0695                 self.before=0; score=score+5;
0696                 move h_box to player;
0697                 "Searching through the furniture, which is good for nothing
0698                  but firewood now, you come across an old cedarwood box,
0699                  which you pick up for a closer look.";
0700         ],
0701    has  scenery;
0703  Object h_box "cedarwood box"
0704    with name "cedar" "cedarwood" "wooden" "box",
0705         description "The box bears the calligraphed initial H."
0706    has  container openable lockable locked;
0708  SpellBook -> helistars_book "Helistar's grimoire"
0709    with name "grimoire" "helistar" "helistars",
0710         description "This must be the grimoire of dangerous spells kept by
0711                      your irresponsible friend Helistar.  Many pages are
0712                      missing, but a few spells remain:^",
0713    has  proper;

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