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8. The Chasm and the snake (lines 828-884)

0828  Place Edge "Edge of Chasm"
0829    with name "wide" "chasm" "road" "daffodils" "clump",
0830         description
0831            "The road ends suddenly at a wide chasm.  The road leads upward
0832             to the north, and you can see it continuing on the southern side
0833             of the chasm.",
0834         u_to Up_Road, n_to Up_Road,
0835         cant_go "The chasm is too perilous to approach.  The only safe way is
0836                 up and to the north.",
0837         before
0838         [;  Jump: deadflag = true;
0839                "You jump bravely into the chasm, and plunge...
0840                 gracefully through the air.  (It gets a bit less noble and
0841                 airy after that.)";
0842         ];
0844  Object -> snake "hissing snake"
0845    with name "hissing" "snake",
0846         initial
0847           "Lying in a tight coil at the edge of the chasm is a hissing snake.",
0848         description
0849           "It has some V-markings, some scaly parts, colours from grey to
0850            reddish-brown. Is that any help?",
0851         life
0852         [; "The snake hisses angrily!"; ],
0853         before
0854         [;  Cast:
0855                 switch(the_spell_was)
0856                 {   urbzig_spell:
0857                         remove self;
0858                         snakes_cube.initial =
0859                      "Beside a clump of daffodils is a featureless white cube.";
0860                         "The snake is replaced by a clump of daffodils.";
0861                     bozbar_spell:
0862                         deadflag = true; remove self;
0863                         snakes_cube.initial =
0864                        "A featureless cube rests where the snake took off from.";
0865                        "The snake is transformed into a huge, winged serpent,
0866                         a dragon which bellows and leaps out into the chasm,
0867                         backwinging furiously... and knocking you over the
0868                         edge quite by accident.";
0869                     yomin_spell:
0870                        "Horrid reptilian thoughts insinuate their way into you.";
0871                 }
0872             Take, Remove:
0873                "The slipperiness of its skin is only one of many reasons
0874                 why this is ill-advised.";
0875         ],
0876    has  animate;
0878  FeaturelessCube -> snakes_cube "cube"
0879    with initial
0880           "The snake appears to be curled around a featureless white cube.",
0881         before
0882         [; if (snake notin nothing) "The snake won't let you near that cube!";
0883         ];

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