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Pumice Ledge (lines 477-501)

477  !       The PUMICE LEDGE.
478  !
479  !       Defined in DM4 23
480  Object  On_Ball "Pumice-Stone Ledge"
481    with  description
482              "An impromptu ledge formed by the pumice-stone ball, wedged into
483               place in the chasm. The canyon nevertheless ends here.",
484          n_to Canyon_S,
485          d_to Canyon_S,
486          u_to Canyon_S,
487    has   light;
489  !       Defined in DM4 23
490  Treasure -> "incised bone"
491    with  name 'incised' 'carved' 'bone',
492          initial
493              "Of all the sacrificial goods thrown into the chasm, perhaps
494               nothing will be reclaimed: nothing but an incised bone, lighter
495               than it looks, which projects from a pocket of wet silt in the
496               canyon wall.",
497          description
498              "A hand holding a brush pen appears from the jaws of Itzamn@'a,
499               inventor of writing, in his serpent form.";
501  ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- !

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