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Issue C62124

Problem with European quotes
Submitted by: Roger Firth     Appeared in: Compiler 6.21 or before     Fixed in: Compiler 6.30

One of the bugs fixed at the last release of the compiler was:

"The character codes for << and >> (Continental European quotation marks) were the wrong way around, following a mistake in version 0.2 of the Z-Machine Standards document. They have therefore been swapped over, following the correction made in version 1.0 of that document."

Unfortunately, the fix is wrong, in that the Unicode values @{AB} and @{BB} now produce the characters ">>" and "<<", whereas they should display "<<" and ">>" respectively.

The problem is associated with the default zscii-to-unicode conversion table. If another table is used (for example, by supplying the directive Zcharacter table '@{AB}' '@{BB}';), then the characters print correctly.


None submitted.

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