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Issue C62127

Multiple assignment involving arrays
Submitted by: Roger Firth     Appeared in: Compiler 6.21 or before     Fixed in: Compiler 6.30

Multiple assignment involving pointer arithmetic doesn't work. For example:

theString->0 = theString->(Pointer-1) = $27;

Both bytes are being set to 4 (presumably Pointer-1) rather than to $27.

Update (by David Kinder)

This occurs only in Strict mode. The problem appears to be that the Strict mode array bounds check thinks it can clobber the contents of TEMP1, which in this case is already holding the constant $27. Or, possibly, that the multiple assignment code generation thinks TEMP1 is a safe location to store the assigned value, which isn't true here.


None submitted (but an easy workaround is to use two separate assignments).

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