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Issue C63007     [previous patch]

Strict mode not available in V3/4 games
Submitted by: David Kinder     Appeared in: Compiler 6.30 or before     Fixed in: -

When compiling to V3 or V4 (which I'm doing to generate interpreter test files), Strict mode isn't any use, as it uses V5+ opcodes.


The following patch disables Strict mode by default for Z-code versions less than 5.

--- inform/compiler/inform.c 2004-01-17 15:13:07.671875000 +0000
+++ inform.c 2004-04-15 21:38:59.078125000 +0100
@@ -1250,6 +1250,8 @@
                                 version_set_switch=0; s=1;
+                  if ((version_number < 5) && (r_e_c_s_set == FALSE))
+                      runtime_error_checking_switch = FALSE;
         case 'w': nowarnings_switch = state; break;
         case 'x': hash_switch = state; break;

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