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Issue C63017     [previous patch]

Quoted string in routine header crashes compiler
Submitted by: Olav Müller     Appeared in: Compiler 6.30 or before     Fixed in: -

A missing ";" in a routine header, followed by a long quoted string, crashes the compiler. For example:

  [ Routine1
  print "1234567 10-234567 20-234567 30-234567 40-234567 50-234567 60\
  -234567 70-234567 80-234567 90-23456 100-234567 10-234567 20\
  -234567 30-234567 40-23";
Solution (by Cedric Knight)

The problem is the line

  {   char fnt[80];

in assemble_routine_header().

I've made sure the compiler rejects quoted strings in routine headers and as actions in verb directives.

Compile_symbol_table_routine() is also slightly more robust now.

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