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Issue C63025     [previous patch]

MAX_EXPRESSION_NODES overflow generates bad message
Submitted by: Mark Tilford     Appeared in: Compiler 6.30 or before     Fixed in: -

An over-complex expression generates messages of the form:

  Fatal error: The memory setting MAX_EXPRESSION_NODES3 (which is 100 at
  present) has been exceeded.  Try running Inform again with
  $MAX_EXPRESSION_NODES3=<some-larger-number> on the command line.

(where the '3' can be any digit 1-9). This is very misleading, since the actual memory setting which must be changed is $MAX_EXPRESSION_NODES (without any digit 1-9).


In expressp.c, modify the nine calls of the form:


to remove the digit 1-9. Alternatively, if this digit is needed for compiler debugging purposes, provide a new expressionnodeserror() routine in which the digit can be passed as a parameter without generated a misleading message.

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