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Infocom Sound Tools

Tools for manipulating the Infocom-format sound files supplied with The Lurking Horror and Sherlock. Modern authors use AIFF, MOD and SONG formats embedded in Blorb. Before Blorb, Infocom's Macintosh sound files were the format most commonly supported by interpreters.

SOX  (020207)  Lance Norskog Download  
Sound translation toolkit, including support for Infocom format sound files. C source code for DOS, Unix, OS/2, OS9, Amiga and Windows NT.
sndbreak.c  (971026)  Jesse Burneko Download  
A utility program that takes an Infocom sound file larger than 64K created by SOX (which is actually malformed), and breaks it into smaller, valid .SND files. C source code.
SoundCon Infocom module  (951211)  Rick Hudson Download  
A module for the freeware RISC OS sound conversion utility SoundCon to allow conversion to and from Infocom format.

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