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Issue C63018     [previous patch]

Infix "; obj has attr" sometimes fails
Submitted by: 'Poster'     Appeared in: Compiler 6.30 or before     Fixed in: -

This Infix command doesn't always work:

  ; obj has attr
Solution (by Cedric Knight)

The line in infix.h

  acc = (InfixRV_rvals-->lop) has (InfixRV_rvals-->rop);

generates code which tests the object number to see if it's a valid attribute number, and thus fails for object numbers > 48. Reordering lines ~756-761 of expressc.c to this:

  assemblez_store(temp_var1, AO1);
  assemblez_store(temp_var2, AO2);
  if ((AO2.type == VARIABLE_OT)&&(AO2.value == 0))
      assemblez_store(AO2, temp_var2);
  if ((AO1.type == VARIABLE_OT)&&(AO1.value == 0))
      assemblez_store(AO1, temp_var1);

fixes the problem for Z-code. It's done using @stkpeek for Glulx so there doesn't seem to be a problem there.

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